Started by a group of enthusiasts on November 2nd, 2007, the Phnom Penh GNU/Linux User Group is an informal group of volunteers passionate about the GNU/Linux operating system, Open Source and free software technology in general. The group is a multicultural environment made of Cambodian and foreigners mostly living in Phnom Penh and whose objectives are:

  • Act as advocates for both the private and public sector in Phnom Penh, Cambodia
  • Provide guidance for those who wish to use GNU/Linux in their home or office
  • Offer support to those already using GNU/Linux
  • Create an inviting social environment for GNU/Linux discussions
  • Help organize technical developments that solve problems particular to GNU/Linux use in Cambodia.

The Phnom Penh GNU/Linux User Group is articulated around a few principles which are:

  • Phnom Penh GNU/Linux User Group is an interest group composed of Linux hobbyists, professionals and new comers and is a place where members share their experience and knowledge of Linux and Free Software
  • Everybody is welcome to be a member of the Phnom Penh GNU/Linux User Group without regard to nationality, gender, color, race, religion, language or any other affiliations, political or otherwise
  • When the group meets, GNU, Linux, Free Software and technology relating to both are the ONLY things discussed.
  • The Phnom Penh GNU/Linux User Group is a non-profit organization
  • The Phnom Penh GNU/Linux User Group is not bound to any company vendor or specific Linux Distribution. However, we can elect to depend on companies or individuals with an interest in the group to pay for the nominal costs to support the group.