Every first Tuesday of the month

While we usually meet the first Tuesday of the month we've put our meetings on hold since June. Among the few reasons has been the difficulty to find a location where we can do presentations and have drinks (eventualy food) without bothering the other guests.

Meeting location

We currently have no venue, but can always look for a place should we have a special event.

If you are interested to present something to our group and discuss anything related to Free Software or GNU/Linux with our members, please feel free to contact us through our mailing list.

OwnCloud is a suite of client-server software for creating file hosting services and using them. OwnCloud is functionally very similar to the widely used Dropbox, with the primary functional difference being that OwnCloud is free and open-source, and thereby allowing anyone to install and operate it without charge on a private server. Its openness eschews enforced quotas on storage space or the number of connected clients, instead having hard limits defined by the physical capabilities of the server. The talk shows what OwnCloud can do for you and how to install and use it. It will be presented by Senghong Soeng.

Meeting is happening at Emerald Hub this month. Please plan to arrive around 6:45pm so we can start at 7pm! Thank you.

For our May meeting we will have a slightly different format due to the needed length for this presentation. So it will be 45 minutes talk with a 15 minutes Q&A. And the topic which seems to have drawn some interest from our mailing list is:
"Release early, Release often, to do it right, automation is key.
Continuous Delivery is a software engineering approach in which teams produce software in short cycles, ensuring that the software can be reliably released at any time. It aims at building, testing, and releasing software faster and more frequently.". The talk will be presented by Leap Sok.

Meeting is happening at i/Café as usual. Please plan to arrive around 7:30pm so we can start at 8pm! Thank you.

For our April meeting we will have the opportunity to welcome a Fedora Ambassador and Phnom Penh resident (I believe), Sirko Kemter, to discuss about the importance of Open Standards and dwell more specifically into presentations.
And so we will be guided into using tools which are Free and Open Source on how to generate very nice slides which in turn will be saved into an Open Standard format not locking us down with non-free proprietary software.

The discussion will then evolve and cover all the other many example on protecting us from using formats which tomorrow may not open the files we are creating today.

For our second meeting we will be honored by our host Brad Collins who will present the followings:

  1. A Gentle Introduction to the BASH Shell (10 min)
  2. Using the Apt-Get Package Manager in Ubuntu & Debian(10 min)

And then we'll socialize and discuss about our other projects.

Joint meet up

For this first meeting of the year we are lucky enough to have a foreign guest in town, Patrick Sinz, board member of AFUL (French Association of Free Software), board member of Digital Freedom Foundation, the organization behind SFD and now DFD (and others).

So on Wednesday Patrick will present the following talks:

  1. FOSS as an engine for business and job creation.
  2. Big data/open data/data visualization and the necessary FOSS tools to create interesting applications.

Talks are scheduled to last 20 minutes with a 10 minutes Q&A and then we'll be free to catch up all together, share our stories and plan for the next meeting.

As discussed earlier we're running our first InstallFest at NITPICT (same place as we run SFD) and starting at 13:00 on Saturday 30th. We'll start with a short intro as to why use GNU/Linux and the different choice in distributions. Then we'll go through installations.

If anyone is interested to have GNU/Linux installed please make a backup of your data first, bring your laptop and a USB key should you not have a CD/DVD drive.

If you want to help out or just chill with us, then just join us.

The place is here.

Digital Freedom Foundation and NIPTICT are going to co-organize a Software Freedom Day event again this year on September 19 (September) at NIPTICT. If you are interested to participate, please let us know through the mailing list.

The event agenda is available on the SFD wiki.

We are happy to announce/remind our readers that as usual the Phnom Penh Hackerspace is holding its usual Pop-Up Bar with a twist this month! On top of the usual crowd we are all happy to meet, a long list of startups and tech companies will be attending. A great opportunity to discuss with people using Free and Open Source technology daily and making a living out of it. Likewise, they're probably very knowledgeable about the tricks to do what they do.

Those include:

Event is happening tomorrow after 6pm near the Russian Market. See you all tomorrow!

Joint meet up

The Phnom Penh Hackerspace, Open Source Cambodia and the Phnom Penh LUG are pleased to inform you that we are organizing a joint meet up on Thursday 31th July at 6:30pm and would love to see you all. The purpose is to present what the current Free and Open Source Software and Hardware communities in Phnom Penh have to offer, how they interact with one another and what you can expect to see in the coming months.

Expect a short introduction from each group and then time to talk with everyone to adapt plans and activities so everyone can find something to match their expectations!

The meet up is happening at the Phnom Penh Hackerspace located No. 263, St. 163, 1st floor above 7 Mart convenience store just next to the Russian market. You can find a map and a photo of the entrance right here. See you all on Thursday!

Update: the Eventbrite registration is here. Please take the time to register so we can eventually switch venue if we are too many to join. Thanks!

Just a reminder that we are having our monthly meeting at coLAB: tomorrow evening starting from 6pm. coLAB is also the current Phnom Penh hackerspace and provides a great opportunity to meet other people involved in software or hardware hacking (as in "modifying to fit your needs").

While there is no specific agenda it is really a get together and plan type of meetup. The place is just next to the Russian market (map at the bottom of coLAB website) and everybody can join, arrive late or leave late ;-).

Hope to see many of you again!

Open Source CambodiaOne of the many revelations for us of FOSSASIA was to discover Open Source Cambodia, another community effort dedicated to sharing knowledge and Free Software. Open Source Cambodia is organizing a training session on May 3rd and May 4th at the Institute of Technology of Cambodia covering Linux High Availability. All the details of the session are explained here, as well as registration. We are very happy to pass on the message and hope that many of our readers will feel interested by the activity.


This year FOSSASIA is happening in Phnom Penh and definitely a great opportunity to meet not only the local FOSS contributors but also people in the region who spend their time and dedication to FOSS. Just to mention a few of them FOSSASIA will bring to Cambodia MariaDB contributor Charles Colin, FirefoxOS Alex Hecht but also members of the Fedora project, former GSoC participants, Wordpress developers and so on. Definitely a great insight into the many projects that make our daily use. We will also be there and talk more about the Greenboard project, our developments with Rithy, and some of the opportunities available here in Cambodia. So please keep posted and don't miss out the many opportunities to be part of this conference!

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