Every first Tuesday of the month

While we usually meet the first Tuesday of the month we've put our meetings on hold since June. Among the few reasons has been the difficulty to find a location where we can do presentations and have drinks (eventualy food) without bothering the other guests.

Meeting location

We currently have no venue, but can always look for a place should we have a special event.

If you are interested to present something to our group and discuss anything related to Free Software or GNU/Linux with our members, please feel free to contact us through our mailing list.

New meeting placeStarting from December 28th 2010, Phnom Penh LUG will meet at the newly opened hackerspace. So no more Freebird, and full sped towards hacking and fiddling with interesting new projects!

On a side note, Thursday December 30th, the Phnom Penh hackerspace is having a movie night at 7pm sharp: "The Scoial Network". Great way to meet new people who share similar interests!